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Connect to Facebook in a couple of clicks

It only takes a couple of clicks for you to start selling tickets directly from your Facebook page.

Make it easy for your customers

By making it as simple as possible to buy tickets for your event, more of your fans are likely to jump on board – and, what’s easier than Facebook?

Designed to work with Facebook.

Ticketspace’s integration has been designed to match the Facebook aesthetic and remain seamless during the entire process, no hidden scrolling or broken designs like other 3rd party systems.

Make your events stand out on Facebook!

Let your events shine with our beautiful layouts sure to grab your customers eyes. The entire ticketing process from event page to purchase will leave a smile on your fans faces.

All your events at a glance

Set up multiple events in your ticketing Facebook tab to give fans a snapshot of what’s next and make sure they’ll never miss out on something great.

Save money on Facebook advertising

If you’re using Facebook advertising you can drive traffic directly to your Ticketspace Facebook tab to reduce your cost per click.

Re-Engage Customers

Target customers that don’t convert on their first event page visit, with Ticketspace’s Facebook advertising integration.

Re-Target Abandoned Carts

When connected, Ticketspace will segment customers that decide not to go through with a purchase so that they can be marketed to specifically, saving you budget and increasing conversions.

Learn More About Your Customers

By using the Ticketspace data, Facebook will build you an in-depth customer profile and determine different marketing angles for you to use.

Determine Actual Advertising ROI

With the vast amount of people that can be targeted via the Facebook network, it’s imperative to be able to track your return on investment accurately.

Track Cost Per Sales

Ticketspace automatically synchronises conversion data with Facebook to ensure that advertising campaigns are having revenue correctly reported allowing you and your staff to make informed marketing decisions.

Expand your advertising audience.

By using the profile of your ticket buyer’s data returned from Ticketspace, you will be able to target similar Facebook users who are likely to make a purchase.


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