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Event ticketing that’s simple, powerful, and for events of any size

Deliver a superb customer experience before, during and after your event

Ticketspace boasts a team of highly experienced specialists in the events and ticketing industry.

Coupled with a proven, internationally renowned ticketing platform delivering more than 10 million tickets every year, you can be assured your ticketing is safe in the hands of Ticketspace whether you’re expecting 50 or 50K visitors.

We are the Event Ticketing company professionals want to work with.

Reach new audiences with event marketing solutions

Through experience and expertise in marketing some of the world’s leading events coupled with access to a comprehensive event marketing toolkit, you can be assured partnering with Ticketspace will allow you to reach new audiences.

Cutting edge ticket technology helping you keep on top of online sales

Ticketspace boasts a sales process that streamlines your customer’s journey, whilst maximising the opportunity to promote add-ons, upsells and package opportunities.

From creating events, managing inventory, or monitoring sales – every part of your event ticketing operation can be managed in real-time directly from your Ticketspace admin portal on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Live event management

Ticketspace helps you run your on-site event operations like a pro. Boasting powerful features to manage box office sales, ticket scanning and real-time visibility into your most important event metrics, you and your customers receive the best event ticketing experience from start to finish.

Ticketspace’s event admissions technologies have been perfected over years of on-site experience so we can ensure the ticket scanning provided by Ticketspace is the most robust and reliable scanning solution in the ticketing industry.

There is a Ticketspace solution for every type of event

Ticketspace caters events of every size and every type. Our online ticketing platform helps festivals, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions and club nights to sell more tickets and deliver a better customer experience.