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You do not need to setup or create an account to purchase tickets with us.
Once you purchase your tickets online, our system will automatically set an account up for you under your email address after you complete your ticket purchase. You will then receive an email with the information to complete the set-up of your account.

Ticketspace issues thousands of tickets by email daily but due to a number of reasons they don’t always make it to everyone. Never fear! Follow the steps below and you’ll receive a copy of your tickets in no time!

Check Your Spam / Junk Folder
  • Occasionally some ISPs get a little to overprotective when filtering out spam emails – it’s not uncommon for your e-tickets to end up in the SPAM folder of your email client along with unwanted emails. So, the first thing to do is quickly check your SPAM / Junk folder for any emails that start with “Your Receipt For”. You can find a list of instructions for Major Email Services here.
  • If you find your receipt in your SPAM / Junk folder its a good idea to whitelist our email address to avoid it happening in the future. All tickets are delivered from XXX so whitelisting this will ensure you receive future tickets.
Check Your My Tickets For Purchases

You can find all previous purchases associated with an order by visiting and entering your email address and password (if you’ve set one) otherwise the option to reset your password can be found just below your login, click “forgot password”.

Log in to your Ticketspace account click the ‘My Tickets’ and then click on View my Tickets. Here you will be able to email a new copy of the ticket to the same, or even a new email address.

On your Ticketspace account, you also have the option to ‘View Ticket’, ‘Download PDF’ and ‘Add to Apple Wallet’.

Still Can’t Find Your Tickets?

Contact the Ticketspace support team at any time at with your name, event you purchased tickets to and any other supporting purchase information. One of our support team will organise to have your tickets re-issued to you.

Ticketspace is one of the most secure ticketing providers in New Zealand. No need to worry if you lost your ticket or your tickets got stolen. Just  and we can reset the barcode of your ticket to void the previous ticket. We will then send you a new ticket to your email address.

We make sure that only you can use the ticket that’s why we ask our ticket buyers to bring a valid I.D to the event to further confirm your identity.


Please contact with the following information and one of our team members will amend your email address in our system and send out your tickets.

  • Name on tickets purchased
  • The event the tickets are for
  • Correct email address

When your tickets aren’t printing it’s usually due to your computer not having Adobe Acrobat installed, or a very old version installed. Adobe Acrobat allows us to make sure that your tickets print the same no matter what computer you print them on, so you’re never going to have problems when they get scanned at the door. The first thing you should do is make sure you have Adobe Acrobat installed and up to date. If Adobe is up to date but you still can’t print your tickets, you’ll need to read the following questions so we can determine what’s going wrong.

Is the View/Print button doing anything? Does the ticket open in your browser window?

If you’re clicking VIEW/PRINT TICKET and nothing is happening then it’s usually a browser issue, if you’re using a windows PC and you don’t know what browser your using odds are its Internet Explorer. If you’re using a mac it’s probably safari, alternatively you maybe using Google Chrome or Firefox, these don’t come preloaded normally so if you don’t remember installing them you’re probably using Internet Explorer or Chrome.

To download the latest version of Firefox, visit this link.
To download the latest version of Google Chrome, visit this link
To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, visit this link.

If you have updated your browser but it’s still not opening make sure that you’re not just downloading the tickets instead of opening them, you can check this by:

You can see the ticket(s) but can’t print them.
If you’re able to view your ticket(s), that’s a great start! Please check that your printer is turned on and ready to print. Since you can see your ticket, try to print by right clicking your mouse to send the prompt to your printer. If you’re clicking on the VIEW/PRINT button and your tickets aren’t opening, it’s likely that your computer is not equipped with the necessary software to view and print your tickets. To download or update to the most current Adobe Reader Software, please visit and follow the steps to download/update this software.

This means that your computer is not recognising the Adobe Reader Software properly. Try to reinstall the software by visiting Keep in mind, we always have a way to resend your tickets to you as a PDF attachment. If you’d like to discuss any of these problems with a Ticketspace team member send us a support ticket.

You will need to take a screenshot or use a pdf splitter online to split your tickets. If they have been purchased under the same order, all tickets will be downloaded into one PDF.

Yes, SAVE THE TREES you can present your ticket on your smartphone (so long as your screen is in good condition). You do not have to print your tickets.

Here are some tips when presenting your ticket via smartphone:
– Turn your screen brightness up high when presenting your ticket so that it can be scanned/validated easily.
– Download and take a screenshot of your tickets before arriving at the event in case of network or connectivity issues. 

There can be a number of reasons why you’re getting an error during checkout. (browser settings, failed authorisation, gateway problem, incorrect merchant account of the organiser etc.). If you are receiving an error during checkout, email us so we can further investigate.

You can change the name on your tickets by visiting and using the email address you used to purchase and the password you set up your account with.

If you didn’t set up your password or have lost the email, click the “Forgot your password?” link underneath the Log In Button.

From there you will be able to name change and re-print your tickets.

You can refer to the tutorial below on how to change the name on your tickets.


Please note that some events will not allow you to change the name on the tickets and will have the feature locked. Furthermore, some events might require you to pay an extra fee to process ‘Name Change’.  

Because we value your security, Ticketspace does not store your financial information in our system therefore we will not be able to create additional charge to your card for the same transaction. We suggest you contact the event organiser for ticket upgrade  .

Once approved, kindly repurchase your preferred ticket/s and then contact us with the confirmation ID of your new purchase (please include approval email) so we can void and refund your previous ticket/s at the face value. Please note, booking fees and card processing fees are non-refundable.

Note: Please use the same email as your first order at checkout so the tickets will fall within the same account.

This is imperative because if you fail to do so, we will be not able to swap or refund any tickets.



Unfortunately, we are unable to refund your tickets as per our Terms & Conditions of purchase, All Ticket sales are final. Tickets are non-refundable.

Please note section 9 of the Terms & Conditions.


Unfortunately, not as these are licensed events and it is strictly R18.

Payment Plan allows you to book your tickets now and pay in easy weekly/fortnightly/monthly payments. Only certain events use the payment plan option, you will be able to check this before going through the checkout process. Ticketspace will send you a confirmation email to your stated email address upon the initial purchase. The ticket will not be emailed to you until you have successfully completed all your payments.

Important Information

Your first payment will be processed upon the date of purchase, then payments are processed on a fixed weekly/fortnightly/monthly date until full payment is received.

By selecting Payment plan you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Ticketspace contract, which can be read in full here.  

If tickets are cancelled due to defaulted payments, Ticketspace cannot guarantee the ability to re-purchase the tickets (for example, if the event has sold out) or re-purchase the tickets at the original price.

Payment plan tickets are non-transferrable for other events.

  1. If you choose to cancel your payment plan ticket, you will forfeit any payments made towards the ticket to date and this will be non-refundable. All Ticket sales are final, Tickets are non-refundable.
  2. Should a resale facility be offered by the promoter, part payed payment plan tickets are not eligible for resale.
  3. Payment plan is also not an option for purchasing resale tickets.
  4. Tickets must be paid in full prior to the event, your ticket will not be allocated until full payment is processed successfully.

Add a payment plan section into the T&Cs

Delayed delivery is a suspension of tickets being sent to the customers prior to the event taking place. This is a strategy implemented by the festival to prevent scalping, fraud, over purchasing tickets and re-selling them. The presenter of the event will stipulate the terms of the delayed delivery and when the tickets will be sent out to purchasing customers.

To explain in further detail, each ticket has percentage booking fee based on the price of the ticket.  And a card processing fee of 2.9%, that is charged by the merchant bank/payment processor to accept credit/debit card payments. This is a typical standard fee charged by all e-commerce platforms.

Sometimes these fees are ‘hidden’ or absorbed into the ticket price, but at Ticketspace we provide full transparency and a break of each and every cost being charged at the point of purchase.

All tickets that have not been purchased via the Ticketspace platform are deemed to be fraudulent tickets. As per section 12 of our Terms and Conditions of purchase, re-sale of tickets is not permitted. Please to view the terms of re-sale.

If you have purchased tickets privately, we are unable to assist you in recovering the funds or the tickets that have been fraudulently sold to you. We consistently communicate the official and legitimate ticket purchase process and warn people not to buy from illegitimate sources. Please be aware of fraudsters and scalpers who are trying to take advantage of people who are desperately wanting to purchase tickets to certain events.


  1. Re-Sale of Tickets not permitted
  1. 12.1 No ticket may be resold at a premium, used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes without formal written authorisation from Ticketspace or the presenter. Any breach of this term will result in you or the ticket holder being refused admission or being ejected from the event.